Automation & Warehousing

It’s not only the cutting of food that Newtech can help with, we excel at automation in general.

Newtech has just completed a large-scale warehouse automation project, which involved the design, manufacture and commissioning of a robotic dry-age storage facility in the UK.

We have provided a completely bespoke solution intricately tailored in order to meet the unique requirements of our customer. They wanted a purpose-built facility for the dry age refrigeration of their beef, and this is what they now have.

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A summary of what has been provided is as follows:

– Pre-storage weighing
3 independently temperature-controlled round storage pods
– Racking 8.7 meters high, with a total storage capacity of 6,690 custom baskets
– Infeed and outfeed conveyors
Scanning technology
3 large robots fitted with especially designed grippers, used for moving the baskets into and out of their storage locations
System fully integrated into their pre-existing site software

Some of the immediate benefits that can be achieved from automating your warehouse using robots are:

Labour savings – less staff required in order to undertake tasks
Time savings – tasks completed faster, with no limitations on shift lengths – robots can work day and night and during weekends with little supervision, and do not need to take a break!
Lower maintenance and running costs – robots are more reliable. They have far fewer moving parts, and with very low failure rates and proven technology, they just keep working.

Dovecote - rack with meat

Whilst this robotic handling solution was specifically designed for dry-ageing beef, the technology could be used to automate the storage management of any type of warehouse facility.

This site is processing on average 85 tonnes of beef per month. You really can’t appreciate the size of the project without seeing it for yourself – get in touch if you would like us to arrange a tour.

If your warehouse is in need of automation, no matter how big or small, Newtech can provide the solution for you. To discuss your requirements with one of our experts, contact us now.

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