An in-line solution, the RoboSONIC C uses ultrasonic and robotic technology to cut and portion a continuous flow of product, such as extruded cheese.

This machine, which has been specifically designed to integrate into an existing line, will communicate with third party extrusion equipment to control the starting and stopping of the line when required. Reliable and accurate, this machine is also easily programmable and is operated via a user-friendly, colour touch screen.


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The roboSONIC-C is an in-line robotic ultrasonic slicing system that is designed to cut and portion a continuous flow of product, for instance a product that is extruded, such as some types of cheese. It is specifically designed to be integrated into an existing line.


Key features

  • Designed for cutting a continuous flow of product
  • 6-Axis robot providing flexiblity, reliability and accuracy
  • System will commuicate with 3rd party extrusion equipment controlling the starting and stopping of a line when required
  • Operated via full Colour touch screen with user friendly interface and easy-to-edit programs
  • 3 user log in levels – Operator, Supervisor and Engineer
  • 20kHz ultrasonic titanium blade
  • Integrated cleaning tank with air-dry
  • Remote access capability

Services required

  • 3 phase electrical supply 400VAC(3PH+N+E), 50Hz, 32A
  • 6 bar Air
  • Mains Water Supply for Cleaning Tank
  • Ethernet Connection for Remote Access

Additional features

  • Fully Stainless Steel construction & food grade plastics
  • Encoder assembly measures the speed of the feed conveyor and the distance of product travel in order to ensure the correct slice thickness is achieved
  • Quick-release conveyor belt for ease of removal
  • Range of blade size options to suit your application

To discover more about how the RoboSONIC C can solve the unique challenges presented when cutting extruded product, contact us today. You can also download our data sheet for a more technical breakdown of this solution.

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