Bakery slicing – the trend continues

There has been an upwards trend towards pre-portioning of bakery products for quite a while now – consumer demands have made manufacturers think hard about their marketing, retail strategy and product packaging. We are now seeing increasing numbers of single or small quantity sliced retail packs on the supermarket shelves.Ultrasonic Food Cutting

However, once the creative development team have done their bit getting the product right and your sales and marketing have worked long and hard to sign up that supermarket deal, there is one key aspect that is often overlooked: how do we cut this product accurately, flexibly and to the highest possible quality standard? That’s where we come in.

Cutting up cakes sounds simple. But the truth is this: anything other than the smallest operation would benefit from some degree of automation and to stay competitive, ultimately you’re going to have to embrace the challenge. Here’s what we can offer to help you.

Ultrasonic slicing

The industry standard for bakery products, this technology will give you great cut quality, no consumable cutting costs and high levels of yield.

And less waste means more cost savings – and more profit for your business. Find out more about ultrasonics here.

Process automation

While ultrasonic cutting will address your product issues, the correct choice of automation will manage your product handling output – and ultimately your ability to satisfy the demands of your Twin Ultrasonic food cutting machinecustomer. Take a look at our machines to see how automation can benefit your business.


Investing in an automated cutting solution is no trivial exercise and so you need to take care that whatever you buy now, will be good for your product planning in the future. That same NPD team and your sales team, will always be looking for that new product that will fly off the shelves. The last thing you need is equipment that is not flexible enough to cater for product variants both now and in the future. At newtech, we consider a flexible solution to be paramount, which is one of the reasons why we offer, where appropriate, our Robo range of robotic ultrasonic slicers.

These are designed specifically for the bakery industry and will make light work of your cake slicing.

Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machine







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