Get the show on the road…

Whether you own a small but ambitious bakery, or head up a multi-national food manufacturer, there would have been something at Foodex 2014 for you. Take a look here

Since we were last at Foodex back in 2012, newtech’s business has evolved rapidly.  We’ll be at the show again soon– and here’s a reminder of what we can offer you.


Ultrasonic cutting technology

Need some help deciding if ultrasonics are for you? Come and see how we’ve helped our customers improve their cutting process  – boosting output, improving quality and reducing costs.

We can set up a cutting trial for you, or arrange a visit to your factory to show you the technology in action.  Can’t wait until the show? Here’s a taster for you


ultrasonic blade


Is automation right for you?

Well.. we’d say a resounding yes in nearly all cases. But why not come and discuss the practicalities on our stand? Tell us about your issues with productivity and output, waste or quality issues; maybe your labour costs are escalating, or your current machinery is old or inflexible. Whatever the challenge, we’d be happy to work out what the best way forward is. You can find more information here


inline ultrasonic block slicer

conveyor based food portioning


If you have something specific in mind that you’d like to discuss at the show, feel free to let us know in advance – we’ll put something specific together for you.  See you there!