Optimising the cheese portioning process…

Controlling the portioning process is essential for cheese manufacturers or distributors. Being able to cut products accurately with minimum waste, accurate portion sizes and with throughput rate that meets customer demands is vitally important in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

newtech has identified how manufacturers can use automated ultrasonic cutting systems to control and optimise their portioning process.

Cheese is either sold by “catch weight” or “fixed weight”. With “catch weight”, product is cut, weighed and then priced and sold according to a variable weight. “Fixed weight” covers the production and retail of cheese which is pre-packed, in pre-determined (fixed) weight or volume and is governed by the average weight system, or Packers’ rule; portioning is defined within a regulatory framework for the automatic filling of packages. The underlying principle is that an inherent degree of variation in the content of packages may be tolerated – within rules.

When considering manufacturing and selling cut products to fixed weight, there are three main objectives for the producer:

  • Maximise yield – getting the maximum number of saleable cut products from a whole product with due regard to portion quantity, control and lastly, cut quality
  • Minimise giveaway – controlling portion weight as close to the target weight as possible, taking into account allowable variances according to Packers’ Rules
  • Maximise throughput – cut and pack the maximum required number of products in a given production period

Newtech offers a solution through our standard range of fixed weight ultrasonic portioning machines, which utilise pre-weighing, a centralising system and intelligent software to ensure accurate fixed weights are achieved from uncut cheeses.

If you would like to discuss your process or arrange to do a trial with your product please contact us at sales@newtech-ltd.co.uk or give us a call on +44 (0)1234 783 680.