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Can you make your investment pay?

If you are responsible for making a capital purchase for your food business, you will of course be asked to justify the expenditure and show how you can maximise the return on your investment. More than ever, there needs to be a pretty good reason for your business to find a large sum of money for that new machine…

Machine for Sale – Great Price! SOLD

RoboSONIC Batch stock machine available for sale This compact, standalone solution requires minimal floor space and is simple to operate using the user-friendly colour touch screen. This machine can be adapted to your needs with easy-to-edit programs. Utilising ultrasonic cutting technology and a 6-axis […]

We can talk about it now!

We are very excited that we are able to talk about this project now. This is just one of the 3 Robotic Dry Age Storage Pods that newtech are responsible for the design, manufacture, install and commissioning of at Dovecote Park in Stapleton as […]

Optimising the cheese portioning process…

Controlling the portioning process is essential for cheese manufacturers or distributors. Being able to cut products accurately with minimum waste, accurate portion sizes and with throughput rate that meets customer demands is vitally important in an increasingly competitive marketplace. newtech has identified how manufacturers can […]

Bakery slicing – the trend continues

There has been an upwards trend towards pre-portioning of bakery products for quite a while now – consumer demands have made manufacturers think hard about their marketing, retail strategy and product packaging. We are now seeing increasing numbers of single or small quantity sliced […]

Why should you automate your food production with robots?

Thinking of automating your food production with robots? Historically the benefits have not been widely appreciated by the food processing sector compared to other manufacturing industries. Reasons often cited are a lack of in-house engineering expertise, short productions runs and regular product changeovers, and the volatility of contracts to supply. When you factor in a perception that robots are expensive, hard to program, and lack the flexibility of manual labour, the challenge to automation suppliers is obvious.

We are looking for distributors overseas…

We are actively seeking distributors or agents who are established suppliers in the food industry and who can promote our equipment to strategic markets overseas. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity please get in touch with us at  

The Stuttgart Experience

With the UK exhibition culture facing challenging times, Team newtech went on the road to Südback in Stuttgart to find out whether the big German shows still pay dividends for machine builders. So, how did we get on? Stuttgart is a pretty big show […]

Newtech & Bedford Blues

As a proud sponsor of Bedford Blues rugby, we are always looking for that little bit of extra exposure at home games. Check out this huge tackle from Northampton Saints’ Courtney Lawes at Goldington Road. We can only hope that of the 50,000 (and […]