roboSONIC meets increased demand in bakery

One leading bakery in the West Country was able to meet their pre-Christmas demand using a newly installed roboSONIC cutter – our top of the range ultrasonic inline cutting system. With this new automated system, the customer has reduced the time needed to cut a tray bake to just under a minute and eliminate the loading time. What’s more, they found they were able to double stack their traybake products to substantially increase their throughput. Another bonus is the optimum cut quality which comes from using ultrasonic technology.

Product types, such as flapjacks, shortbread, brownies, and sponge with specific size requirements for the different products are programmed into the robot and stored as recipes. Using the recipe program together with the appropriate product guide, the user can swap between different cutting requirements easily. And since the roboSONIC cutter gets the portion sizes spot on, there is no wastage.

This particular bakery has seen a two-fold increase in demand over the last six months and having also introduced a double shift, they are now confident they can meet their production goals.

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