Top Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cutting Technology

Have you ever wondered how some businesses achieve precise, clean cuts in their products with minimal waste and maximum efficiency? The secret lies in ultrasonic cutting technology—a cutting-edge industrial technique that revolutionises the way materials are sliced and diced.

What Is Ultrasonic Cutting Technology?

Ultrasonic cutting technology harnesses high-frequency vibrations to slice through materials with unparalleled precision. By utilising the vibrations generated by the sonotrode (blade), friction between the product and the blade is drastically reduced. This allows for superior quality cuts, even when dealing with delicate, soft, or crumbly products.

Benefits For Your Business

  • Minimal Waste: Say goodbye to crumbled, shattered, or sticky products. The ultrasonic vibrations prevent food from crumbling or sticking to the blade, resulting in minimal waste and maximum yield.
  • Significant Savings In Running Costs: Compared to traditional methods like water jet cutting, where expenses can quickly add up due to the costs of water, disposal of contaminated water, and frequent replacement of nozzles/jets, our ultrasonic food cutting machines offer a cost-effective alternative.

    Imagine eliminating the need to factor in hefty expenses like water usage and disposal, as well as the constant maintenance associated with nozzle replacements. With our ultrasonic technology, you can streamline your operations while significantly reducing your annual running costs.

    In fact, one of our valued customers reported saving an impressive £300k annually by making the switch from water jet cutting to our ultrasonic food cutting machines!

  • Efficiency: With easily automated processes, ultrasonic cutting enables faster production speeds compared to conventional techniques. Get more done in less time and boost your productivity.
  • Flexibility: Ultrasonic cutting can be employed across a wide range of products and temperatures, making it a versatile solution for various industries. Future-proof your investment with technology that adapts to your evolving needs.
  • Precision: Achieve consistently neat and even cuts every time. The ultrasonic blade ensures precise slicing, while products with additional ingredients remain intact without compromising their shape or structure.
  • Innovation: As pioneers in the field, we’ve been at the forefront of ultrasonic cutting technology for over a decade. With 10 cutting-edge machines in our current range, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and redefine the possibilities within the industry.

Introducing the eSONIC – Ultrasonic Cutting Machines

Experience the next level of precision and efficiency with our eSONIC ultrasonic cutting machines. Designed to accurately portion tray bake and round products such as cakes, pies, quiche, or loaf cakes, the eSONIC delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Compact and stand-alone, the eSONIC requires minimal floor space and is easily movable to suit your production requirements. With a user-friendly colour touch screen interface and easy-to-edit programs, operation is simple and intuitive. Plus, with a range of blade options available, you can customise the machine to meet your specific needs.

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