By harnessing the power of robotics and making use of our partnerships with industry experts, our Robo range of flexible machinery has been developed to meet your unique requirements and to evolve alongside your business.

Advantages of robotic automation over conventional automation


Requiring a service only once a year, our robots are easy to maintain, saving you time and money

Lower manufacturing costs

Our ready built and assembled robots only need basic setup and application programming, meaning lower manufacturing and assembly costs

Flexibility of programming

Our robots are easily programmable to your exact requirements, allowing you to cater for new products and cutting profiles, thereby future-proofing your investment


Using proven technology with predictable performance and very low failure rates, our robotic solutions reduce the risks associated with conventional automation

Cleaning tank

Our integrated cleaning tanks can automatically clean the blades during the production process, meaning that you can achieve a clean, precise cut even with the most challenging, stickiest products

Flexibility of movement

6-axis movement enables flexibility of the blade, allowing a variety of cut configurations to suit your needs

For more information on how the use of robots can help your business, read ’10 reasons you should invest in robots’

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