What is ultrasonic cutting technology?
Ultrasonic cutting technology is a progressive industrial technique that uses high frequency vibrations to cut through materials with precision. Using the high frequency vibrations of the sonotrode (blade), we can drastically reduce the friction between the product and the blade, allowing for superior quality cuts, even when processing delicate, soft or crumbly products.

What are the benefits of ultrasonics for my business?
Minimal waste: The ultrasonic vibrations prevent food from crumbling, shattering or from sticking to the blade

Efficiency: The easily automated ultrasonic process allows us to cut products at a considerably faster speed than conventional techniques allow

Flexibility: Ultrasonics can be used for a wide range of products at various temperatures, future-proofing your investment

Precision: The ultrasonic blade allows for a consistently neat and even cut, while products containing additional ingredients, such as fruit or nuts, can be cut cleanly without dislodging the filling or distorting the product shape

Innovation: As the first company to commercially sell ultrasonic cutting products using robots, we have continued to push the boundaries within this sector over the last decade. We have 10 machines in our current range that utilise this technology.

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